Can I send you a Bizum?

May 20, 2022

To offer more options to our Adelance clients, you can now pay using Bizum. This form of payment joins the credit card option we offer from the beginning.

One of the top questions we used to get from Adelance users was if we accept Bizum, so we made sure to do so. With this change, we intend to make life easier for anyone who wants to book, for example, a dance evening.

We believe that by offering Bizum, we will be able to satisfy customers who prefer to pay with their mobile phone instead of providing their credit card details.

How to use pay using Bizum

To pay using Bizum, all you need to do is to log in to your Adelance account and book your spot in the dance evening you choose.

Some banks still do not allow online payments with Bizum (list of allowed banks). If you have problems with Bizum, please use your card to pay.

Some banks do not allow online payments with Bizum. We leave you a link to check if yours is included on their list.
When you enter your mobile number, you may get a message like the one above. In that case, please use your card.
usar Bizum en Adelance

Advantages of using Bizum

  • You do not need to have your bank card at hand.
  • You can make the payment with your mobile.
  • You don’t share any bank or credit card details.
  • You should be able to use Bizum no matter which bank you use. It’s a Spanish initiative that has support from more banks every day.
  • It is a completely secure payment method. It incorporates a two-factor authentication and complies with European regulations.
  • It’s incredibly easy to use.

Finally, we’d like to thank our customers who have asked us about Bizum and suggested this option. Thanks to you, we can now reach more people!

Do you use mobile payments?

Do you already use Bizum? Have you already used it in a store or for paying online?

For us, your feedback is very important. Tell us what you think in the comments below and we’ll reply!

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