Bring your friends to a social dance evening

June 7, 2022

Starting today, when you reserve your spot on a dance evening, you can include more people in the same booking.

  • Do you want to surprise someone?
  • Are you a group of friends and would you like to reserve a place for everyone and do something together?
  • Do you want to bring your partner?

The multiple reservation guarantees that you all have a guaranteed place on the same dance evening.

How to book for more people on Adelance

From now on, when you make your reservation, you can easily include more people, without them having to do anything.

Once you have your guest list, you only have to make a single payment for all of them. Remember that now you can also do it with Bizum.

All you need to do is give the name of each person you bring with you.
To help us having the same number of men and women in the class, we need to know how many there are.
All the people you book for will have a guaranteed place.

What happens if you book for others and they can’t come?

If someone can’t make it, just log into your account and let us know.

If you cancel 2 days before the dance evening, you will receive the refund for that person.

Let us know who is not coming from your party.

Invite someone to try a Dance Evening 

Share this post with the person you would like to go out dancing with.

Encourage your friends to do something new.

Tell us in a comment, who you would like to meet dancing? We’d love to hear what you think.

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