Social dance classes to fit your dance skills

June 14, 2022

Because at Adelance we listen to our customers, we keep improving to give them what they need.

Many Adelance clients told us that either the classes (at the beginning of the dance evening) are too difficult to follow, or too basic. It makes sense. Different people have different experiences dancing.

Therefore, we are changing the dance classes at Adelance, so everyone can have the same fun.

Starting next week, we’ll offer classes for both dance levels: one for absolute beginners and for more advanced dancers. Classes will be at the same time, but in different spaces in the studio (we have another dance area that we haven’t used so far).

If this is your first time dancing tango, salsa or bachata, come to the beginner classes. You’ll get used to the rhythm and learn the basic steps with other beginners.

If you’re already comfortable with the basic step and want to move forward, come to the advanced classes. You’ll learn more steps, how to lead and follow and how to improvise (both men and women).

As usual, the class will be one hour long.

After class, we all get together to chat, drink and dance together in the main room of the studio.

We’ll also have at least two “ruedas” every dance evening. The “ruedas” are a type of group dance in a circle. It’s a lot of fun!

What do you think about change? Like it? Don’t like it? Why?

Leave your comments with your feedback and we’ll get back to you.

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