How to make friends in Madrid: 5 easy options!

September 22, 2022

Are you looking to make new friends? Madrid has a wide range of leisure plans and places to go out and meet people. But which option is the best? This article will give you five ideas about how to make friends in Madrid. Super fun activities that you can do regardless of your age or where you come from.

1. Join groups based on your interests!

If you check online, you’ll find groups of people in your area on different websites and social media. Find and join groups whose activity is the same as one of your hobbies. This way, you’re sure you’re meeting people with the same interests! Then, you’ll be up to date on their next events and organized meet-ups.

Nowadays, there are groups for all kinds of activities including: playing football, hiking, language exchange, cultural getaways, and many more.

2. Go dancing!

Apart from being a great city for partying, in Madrid, you have a multitude of options for dancing just about any style you can think of. In the city center, you’ll find  nightclubs, social dance clubs, dance schools, open-air dance parties, or even street shows! People even dance in karaoke bars, so finding a good dance partner in the city is guaranteed!

Your best bet  is to go to a social dance club where you’ll learn how to dance, while having a portion of your night dedicated to meeting and speaking with people. Some of them also organize outings to continue the socializing in a bar or nightclub after the activity!

social dance club

In addition, some night clubs also offer classes in the evening before they open fully for their night activity. Many classes are free, or have an entry fee that includes a drink.

If you prefer to have more regular classmates, you can sign up with one out of the wide offer of dance classes and dance schools. In this directory, you have a complete and detailed list of the best ones.

3. Check out some bars!

People in Madrid love to meet in bars to talk over a drink. The mix of alcohol and food makes bars the perfect place to socialize and strike up a conversation. 

If you want to feel like one of the locals, order a caña! The low alcohol content of this small glass of beer is sure to loosen you up. Who doesn’t like a bit of liquid courage?

Another easy way to get started is to ask the bartender, or anyone else drinking at the bar, for a recommendation of things to do in the city. They’ll probably want to know more about you and start asking questions. People in Madrid are super social!

4. Take a language class!

Whether you are a local or an expat, a language school gives you the opportunity to meet a range of people who are also learning or improving a language. In Madrid, you can sign up for English courses, Spanish classes, or other language schools.

There are even groups of people who meet in pubs every week to practice in language exchange events. You’re sure to find a friend to practice with! All you have to do is search online and try going one day.

5. Go for a workout!

In addition to its health benefits, practicing a sport can be great fun if you do it with someone else. How can you meet people doing sports? 

In Madrid, many people get fit outdoors. People go at the same time to a specific place to practice together. Besides working out on the machines available in many parks, you can: go  to Parque del Retiro and do yoga, go jogging in Madrid Río, rollerblading in Parque del Oeste, or cycling in Casa de Campo!

You can also sign up for a group activity at a sports center or join a gym to find a workout buddy.

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