Telemadrid highlights Adelance as an alternative to combat loneliness

September 20, 2022

Telemadrid TV network contacted Adelance to meet us and do a live broadcast from our studio in the center of Madrid. We were featured on two of their programs, including the news!

Anabel Sanz, from the news team, came on August 19th to find out how our social dance club helps to avoid loneliness and…she ended up dancing with us!

Adelance featured on the news.

How Adelance dance evenings help to socialize

Some of our clients shared their experience on the TV broadcast about how Adelance dance evenings help them get out of the house and have a good time meeting people in person.

“It’s ideal for foreigners because we arrive alone and don’t know anyone. Here, in Adelance, there are people from all countries, there are people who speak several languages. Everyone is welcome here.”

-Alfonso Zamorano, a master’s student from Mexico.

“There’s a social party where you can talk over snacks and that’s where conversations begin.”

-Anthony Bazán, new to Madrid.

“I recommend to everyone that you sign up because it de-stresses you, you have fun, and it gives you life.”

-Elly Tinitana, single mother.

Dance club with no age restriction

What really surprised Anabel was that our most recurring client is an 85-year-old man who loves bachata. We couldn’t be more proud to have people of all ages in our club!

 “I’m home alone  and I wanted to do something entertaining and to meet people.”

Elly Tinitana, 32, a single mother in Madrid.

In her report for the Buenos Dias Madrid program, Anabel covered how loneliness affects more and more people, how it’s possible to combat it by dancing and socializing in Adelance. You can watch the full report on our YouTube channel.

Connect with other members through Adelance’s app

Whether you’re shy or just didn’t have time to speak to everyone during the class, Adelance’s app allows you to connect outside of the dance floor through our social network.  In the Adelance app, you can anonymously invite people you’ve met during a dance evening to connect. For more details, read about how to use Adelance’s social connection features (this sentence should be a link). 

Try it today!

If you are looking for an alternative to combat loneliness, come and have fun dancing! You’ll meet people from all over, make new friends or even find your new partner. 

Even the local TV station dances in Adelance, so what are you waiting for? Book your place now!

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