Dance Evenings

The social dance evenings are the best way to learn how to dance and meet new people. There are snacks and drinks available.

You don’t need any dance experience.

You can come alone, with your partner or with friends. Everybody is welcome.

Our objective is to socialize and have fun, not to become a professional dancer.

Our dance evenings always include:

  • 1h of Group Class where you’ll learn some basic steps to dance in couples.
  • 2hs of Social Dance Party where you can have fun practising your moves. There is also space to nibble something and chat with everyone.

Dancing is the perfect activity to bring people together. Sharing some snacks is a great opportunity to get to know everyone in the room.

Our group classes are really easy to follow. We teach everything from scratch. If you can walk, you can dance. We assure you’ll have fun.

After one class, you’ll be able to dance with confidence with someone. Come and try it yourself.

Our social parties are light and casual. There’s music, but it’s not at full volume. You can still hear others when they’re talking to you (no need to shout over the music).

There’s plenty of room to dance and a space to nibble and socialize. The point is to get to know each other, therefore we are not big on alcohol. We are not a night club.

How it all begins

You’re in Adelance’s dance evening for the first time. What do you do?

Really easy!

  • Notify the team you arrived.
  • We want to make everyone welcome. Our teachers will introduce you to the rest in a very friendly and casual way.
  • After the class, just go to the dance floor, look around and feel the vibe.
  • If nobody invites you to dance, our assistants will help you get moving. Nothing to worry about!
  • Once you are dancing like everyone else, wait until the music stops to switch couples (every 3 songs).

Sounds Interesting?

Come to a dance evening to try Adelance.