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If you would like to write a feature about Adelance, the social dance club connecting people, this page has everything you need to know who we are and what we do. 

About us

Would you like to know more about us? Below you have our main key points, otherwise feel free to download our About us document in English or Spanish.

Who we are

Adelance Madrid is the first social dance club that will make up a network of clubs that connect real people. It provides an alternative to get people out of the house, meet in person and have a good time dancing.

We want to help people socialize, have fun and learn dance styles without pressure. You don’t need to know how to dance or have a partner. We provide an environment where you feel comfortable dancing, regardless of your abilities. As a social dance club, we focus more on the social aspect of bringing people from different backgrounds together to have good conversation, learn some new dance moves, and have an overall good time.

International dance evenings

Our current dance evening offer is Salsa (Fridays) and Bachata (Saturdays). All include 1.5 hours of group class (in English and Spanish) plus 1.5 hours of a social dance party with music, snacks and drinks included. More dance styles coming soon!

Connecting people through the Adelance app

To make it easier for people to connect beyond the dance floor, we have developed a members-only app. Apart from booking and managing dance evenings more easily, members can use the social network. This social network has no risks because there are no fake profiles. The client can request to connect with others anonymously, and does not face rejection.

Mentions in different media

Despite being quite new, we have already received a lot of attention from different media. You can find some of our mentions and appearances below.

Writing materials for Adelance

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Media kit

Download our media kit in English or Spanish.

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