Social Dance Classes

dance evening

In Adelance’s social dance classes we teach you everything from scratch. You don’t need to know how to dance. Our goal from the very first class is for you to have fun and meet people.

Our classes take place on a weekly basis and last 75 minutes. During the classes, you will improve your technique, learn new steps, and discover different types of social dance including Argentine tango and bachata.

What we do in Adelance’s Social Dance Classes

  1. All of our classes start with a quick warm-up. This is how we prepare to dance and transition from “work mode” to “let’s have fun mode”.
  2. We form couples and go over what we learned in the previous class. We change partners multiple times to ensure that we are comfortable dancing with everyone.
  3. The teachers give feedback and answer questions. Throughout the class, the assistants are there for anyone who needs help.
  4. We learn the new steps for today’s class.At the end of the class, the teachers do a quick demonstration. Students are welcome to take photos and movies, but that’s not really necessary we we’ll send you a video with today’s sequence anyway.
  5. Now is the time to practice, in couples, the new steps. We change couples every few minutes, so that you get to practice the new steps with different people.
  6. The class ends with a short demonstration from the teachers going over everything they have taught so far.

Meeting Everyone by Changing Partners

The ideal way to break the ice and have the opportunity to meet everyone is by changing dance partners.

When the teachers instruct dancers to change partners, the women stay in place and the men move forward. The men then thank their female partners and both say goodbye to one another. Each man then approaches the next woman and invites her to dance.

When, Where and How Much?

If you need some advice on what to wear and want to know which clothes will be easiest for you to dance in, take a look at our dress code. It contains ideas for both men and women.
For costs, check out our prices. See our timetable and location in the studio page.

Want to Join?

Just come to a dance evening and try social dance with Adelance now. We’re sure that you’ll love it!