What is Social Dancing?

Social dancing is the easiest way to dance and meet people. Everyone can learn it, no matter where you are from or what language you speak.

It is a carefree group activity where you dance in pairs. We change partners to give everyone the chance to meet, so you can come with or without one.

The purpose is to have fun and socialize, not compete or perform for an audience. Social dancing is the perfect excuse to dance with someone and get to know that person better. By spending time dancing together, you will find that you are learning a common language.

You will be able to communicate without words through social dancing. There is always someone who leads (usually the man) and someone who follows (usually the woman).

Social dancing is like a game. Thanks to the rhythm of the music, the couple communicates through movement. Using body language, the leader signals where he wants to go. When the follower reads her partner’s cues, she reacts and responds to his lead.

When a connection is formed, the follower isn’t left waiting, and the leader doesn’t need to chase after his partner. Both partners are in sync and move together seamlessly.

By practicing social dance, you will develop very useful skills for your day-to-day life: active listening, attention, mastery of your body and body language.

Adelance is making social dancing easy for people without any background in dancing. We teach you everything from scratch. After a dance evening, you will find yourself dancing with complete confidence.

In each class, you will improve your technique, learn new steps, and discover different types of social dance: tango, bachata, and salsa.

Among our dance styles, the simplified tango stands out. It is a form of dance with the emotional intensity and elegance of the tango, but much easier to learn.

All our classes and events have the same number of men and women, so you don’t have to worry.

Discover how simple it is to meet people dancing in Adelance.

Come to a dance evening and try it out for yourself.