A New Social Dance Club, Connecting People

Adelance members enjoy social dance classes and parties, where you’ll connect with other exciting people.

In our group classes, you’ll learn different kinds of social dances. No dance experience needed.

If you can walk, you’ll learn the dance. Groups have the same number of men and women.

The dance parties are your opportunity to dress up and meet Adelance members from different groups.

After you’ve shared an activity with other members, you can connect with them using your Adelance.com account.

Of course, you’re welcome to introduce yourself in person in our studio. 

Why Adelance?

Dating apps show you pictures of millions of people. Do you really know who you’re contacting or who’s contacting you?

You can wait for your friends to introduce you to their friends. And keep waiting…

Or, you can take the first step. Join Adelance and meet others like you, who are not afraid to do something different. Dress up, go out, have fun and meet real people!

Take the first step

Start with an introduction session and discover social dancing. Then, decide if you want to become a member.