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What Do Men Look for in Women?

You may be thinking that men are easy to figure out – that what they look for in a woman is a lot easier to answer than what women look for in men.

Good men can be a little harder to understand. They can be a little mysterious as to what they really want in a woman. And just like with women, some of them don’t even know what they want.

Once you understand what men really want, it will be much easier to find the right mate and to have a wonderful, beautiful relationship. 

So, What Do Good Men Really Want?

1. Men Want a Partner

Some claim that all men are programmed to mate with every woman that he sees, so it’s almost in his blood to cheat. That is not true for most men. Men who cheat are never happy. At the root cause of their problem is insecurity, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and a general disregard for themselves and others. 

A man who is already happy in his life wants a happy partner to share his life and a strong, long-lasting, loving relationship.

2. Men Want a Self-Confident Woman

A confident woman, to most men, is very attractive. It’s a sign that she values herself and takes care of herself. Men like a challenge. They want to find a woman who they think may be too good for them because they are also looking for the best possible mate.

3. Men Want Women Who Look Good

It’s no secret. Both men and women are looking for a partners that look good. But, does “looking good” mean being born with the genes of a supermodel or working out 8 hours everyday?

At Adelance, we teach both men and women how to carry themselves and how to move with elegance. This automatically projects confidence. When people look at themselves in the mirror and see a proud reflection of themselves, they feel more confident on the inside.

4. Men Want Women Who Think Positively About Themselves

Our thoughts can often get stuck on feelings of self-doubt, worry, and self-criticism. We are usually much harder on ourselves than anyone else would be.

Notice the thoughts that you have about yourself during the day. How many times per day do you say disparaging things to yourself? What are your own automatic negative thoughts? Do you unfairly compare yourself to others?

Then, start to replace those negative narratives with positive mantras instead. Here is a list of things you can say (affirmations) to yourself to counteract any automatic negative thoughts you may have:

  • I was born worthy and have nothing to prove. 
  • I love myself. 
  • I love being good to myself. 
  • I am beautiful inside and out!
  • I love who I am and who I am becoming. 
  • I love being my spontaneous self. 
  • I am very attractive. 
  • I love my body and I love who I am. 
  • I love being my own, true, authentic self. 
  • I love everything about me. 

5. Men Want Women Who Let Them Lead

At Adelance’s social dance evenings, we show men and women that leading isn’t pushing around or forcing. When a man leads, he’s inviting the woman. By following, the woman accepts the invitation and moves on her own. 

Leading and following, in our social dance evenings, is much like how it works in relationships. The man leads with confidence and invites the woman to follow him. 

6. Men Want a Woman Who Loves Life

A person who loves life loves everything and everyone in it. They’re seen as seen as someone who is positive, uplifting, fun, exciting and engaged in life. They become the life of the party, and people are naturally attracted to them.

You can start loving your life more by appreciating everything that you already have in your life by creating a gratitude journal. Write in it what it is that you like about your life, and write more about what you want than what you don’t want.

When you start to love yourself and love life, you will attract more positive people, circumstances, and events into your life.

7. Men Prefer Women Who are Approachable

Adelance’s social dance evenings helps to build confidence and how to approach one another. The problem is that in most social situations such as a club, women think that they should be passive and let the men do all the work. 

But it’s quite the opposite. In a social situation, men will scan the room looking for women who are approachable. So, if a woman ignores everyone in the room she could miss out on meeting someone special! 

Come and Meet Some Good Men

Adelance’s social dance evenings offer a great opportunity for men and women to connect, in a stress-free and fun activity. Meet men from your area who actually show up, treat women with respect and are looking for a true partner.

Want to get started? Come today!